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Tweaks of UNOFFICIAL Windows 98 SE Service Pack:

SYSTEM.INI tweaks:

DMABufferSize=64 - To increase your 16-bit Direct Memory Access (DMA) channel buffer to maximum size: 64 (in KiloBytes). Affects ALL I/O (Input/Output) DMA operations: sound card FM/wavetable, MIDI playback/recording, disk buffered reads/writes. Default value is 16.
MinSPs=8 - To increase the spare stack pages, to prevent possible stack fault situations. Default value is 2.

Registry tweaks:

Disable Screen Saver When Disk Defragmenter Active - If the screen saver becomes active while using the disk defragmenter it can slow and interrupt the process. This tweak disables the screen saver when defrag is being used.

(c) Alper Coskun, alper@wolke7.net.