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Other products to enhance your Windows 98SE:

  • MDGx's 98SE2ME: Building the ultimate Windows OS by "transplanting" ~ 700 newer ME system files onto 98 SE.
  • SysInternals's Freeware NTFS for Windows 98/98SE: Once installed, any NTFS drives present on your system will be fully accessible as native Windows 98/98SE volumes. This version provides read-only capabilities.
  • Windows Multienhancer: Windows dialog box "Open file" (COMDLG32.DLL) resize patch.

  • Windows 98/98SE forums:

  • Msfn.org Windows 95/98/98SE/ME forums.
  • Neowin.net Windows 95/98/98SE/ME forums.

  • Other resources about Windows 98/98SE:

  • Microsoft Windows 98/98SE Corporate Updates.
  • MDGX's Windows 98 SE Essential Free Upgrades and Fixes Page
  • Unattended and Updated Boot CD for Windows 98SE.
  • USB Guide for Windows 98/98SE.

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